Social Media for Teachers

Social media may have started out as a way for the tech-savvy to establish an online identity, but today sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are more about community and connection than anything else. This makes them the perfect tool for teachers, especially those struggling to engage their students or to facilitate communication. While there is concern, especially among educators, about the literacy rates and attention spans of the current generation, technology is not the problem but the solution. The point is not to over stimulate, but to involve students in relevant and interactive lessons; in doing so we prepare them for success in an increasingly digital society.

Literacy has never been just about letters, and we are now seeing that the message often trumps the format when it comes to reading, understanding, and applying knowledge. Information literacy is already an invaluable quality that will continue to open doors and determine career paths, and the first step toward instilling it in youth is to see social media sites for the educational tools they are.