Literate Nation

Literate Nation is a non-profit organization that represents a call to action movement begun by a group of citizens, educators, and scientists in 2012. The organization is committed to the achievement of three goals: 1) that the U.S. education system reclaim its leadership role in student literacy and academic achievement; 2) that our American human capital and our talent for innovation successfully compete in the global economy with skilled workers who will raise the GDP; and 3) that these combined goals will create happier, more productive lives for all citizens and the next generation. Towards those ends, Literate Nation focuses collective intelligence, experience, and combined energies on ensuring that all American students are highly literate and well-educated, with career-ready skills. They unify, empower and inspire positive educational change that will advance state-of-the-art literacy policy in every state; provide the most comprehensive professional knowledge and implementation skills about language and reading development for all teachers; and, propel strong, school-based leadership capable of safeguarding that all students of the United States are prepared to become lifelong learners and contributors to the vibrant, evolving society of the 21st century.

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence is North America's premier organization for the exchange of knowledge in Organizational Excellence through the implementation of cutting edge expertise. AME believes in the importance of preparing the next generation of workers as the integral step in securing well-trained employees who can help fuel future economic prosperity. A number of programs are supported by the organization with the goal of engaging students, parents, communities, and businesses in the educational system toward literate, educated, career-ready young citizens. Today's manufacturing challenges are complex and dependent on a skilled, educated, 21st century workforce. ame.org

The Strategic Education Research Partnership

The Strategic Education Research Partnership is based upon a unique program of collaboration among researchers, educators, and designers. This program takes the technical and scientific elements of education out of their scholarly context, allowing professionals from across the field of education to access and apply important new findings. Current SERP projects focus on such diverse but interconnected goals as improving reading comprehension in children, strengthening literacy among adolescent learners, building strong foundations in middle-school mathematics, and introducing academic vocabulary in all content area classes. SERP's approach of "use-inspired" research allows for more innovative development and testing and a wider, more effective range of classroom practices and materials than would be possible without the cooperation of both researchers and practitioners of education. serpinstitute.org

The Educational Results Partnership

The Educational Results Partnership provides the data and resources necessary to determine where California schools and school districts are lacking and how they can improve. Its "ABC" approach of Actionable data, Best practices, and College readiness Ed Results web site is designed to help California students grow and succeed within their public school systems by presenting parents and communities facts on school achievement, students success, and demographics. Partnered with the California Business for Education Excellence and supported by the state of California and the California State University system, the Educational Results Partnership addresses all aspects of educational reform, from the selection of highly qualified staff to the monitoring of teacher performance and student achievement. edresults.org

The Southern Methodist University Department of Education Policy and Leadership

The Southern Methodist University Department of Education Policy and Leadership is committed to addressing the challenges of education in America, and it offers graduates a non-traditional outlook on implementing evidence-based solutions. The program consists of three different degrees in educational leadership (urban school specialization, higher education, and accelerated school leadership), all of which demand passion and innovation from their candidates. The Ph.D. program extends the ideas of education policy and leadership further, connecting the concepts of organizational, academic, and information leadership and teacher effectiveness while equipping its students to apply their knowledge to educational research and policy. smu.edu

The California Business for Education Excellence

The California Business for Education Excellence is committed to closing achievement gaps within California's public school system by serving as a bridge between those in charge of education policy and those who follow it. The CBEE Honor Role, which identifies the highest-performing public elementary, middle, and high schools throughout California, is an integral part of this data-based system for informing and driving education reform. By communicating both the weaknesses and the strengths of the state's education system to the business community, and by utilizing the power of this community to influence education policymakers, the CBEE pursues its goals of improving the public school system and producing college- and career-ready students. cbeefoundation.org

The Harvard Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency

The Harvard Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency at the university’s Medical School takes its research and practices beyond classroom education reform, focusing instead on the bigger picture of youth development within and outside of school. Two of the program's current projects, the Responsive Advocacy for Life and Learning in Youth (RALLY) and the "New 3Rs" of Reading, Resilience, and Relationships in literacy programs, build upon the idea that a student's education is not confined to a single location or time of day, and that academic success is far from the only kind of success that matters. Pear's mental health services and educational supports are informed by important and ongoing research in the field of developmental psychology. pearweb.org

The International Dyslexia Association

The International Dyslexia Association approaches dyslexia and similar language-based learning disabilities from the standpoint of education as well as science, with 60 percent of its members working as educators and tutors. In addition to providing dyslexic individuals and their families with advocacy and information, the IDA endorses preparation programs for teachers of reading and other educators working with struggling readers. It also organizes nationwide outreach activities and publishes the scientific journal Annals of Dyslexia. The physicians and researchers of this organization are devoted to fostering a better understanding of dyslexia in order to develop more effective treatments and solutions. interdys.org

The Neurosciences Initiative

The Neurosciences Initiative at the University of California, San Francisco has set the necessarily ambitious goal of developing cures and treatments for neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and addiction, none of which are currently curable. Since its creation, the Neurosciences department has conducted groundbreaking and Nobel-winning research into these and other diseases, and its scientists and clinicians currently aim to combine their efforts in more effective ways to address the needs of hundreds of millions of neurological patients around the world. Their research is greatly facilitated by the use of revolutionary medical technologies that open up new possibilities for experimentation and discovery. support.ucsf.edu

The San Francisco Reach Believe Inspire

The San Francisco Reach Believe Inspire organization, founded in 2010, is a partner of Major League Baseball committed to providing opportunities for children. It sponsors both athletic and literacy programs for underprivileged students in an effort to help them reach their physical, academic, and community potential. Baseball and softball were chosen as the athletic focus of the RBI because of these sports' emphasis on teamwork, integrity, safety, trust, and other values essential to becoming a thoughtful and productive citizen of the modern world. The diverse body of participants, who enter the RBI program as early as elementary school and continue to benefit from it throughout their high school education, also develop social awareness and learn about all aspects of personal health within a fun, social, and constructive environment. SFRBI.org