What We Do

Since 2002 we have worked to achieve change through knowledge and advocacy. We hold policymakers and educational leaders accountable for the state of the failing educational system in the United States. Equipped with information backed by science, we empower education stakeholders, we invite accountability, we promise transparency, and we pledge our nation's young people will become literate, career ready citizens.

Our education movement (1) supports students who struggle with dyslexia, learning disabilities, and poverty; (2) supports educators to advance knowledge and skills when teaching among diverse student populations; (3) advances school-based leadership and data systems for student and teacher assessments and supports; (4) works with industry sectors to secure a qualified workforce, capable of lifelong learning; (5) leads public and private partnerships in science-based literacy and education clinical trials; (6) awards scholarships, sponsorships, and fellowships to students and professors; and, (7) funds public charities focused on educational improvement.


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