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Cinthia Coletti, Co-Chair

Founder, Chairman & CEO
The Coletti/Haan Foundation for Children
The Coletti Institute for Education & Career Achievement

Ms. Coletti Haan currently oversees the executive management of several non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations and facilitates a number of projects in the fields of literacy, STEM, education legislation, and neuroscience. She directs the Power4Kids Reading Initiative of clinical trials in education, and is the funding partner of the newly formed organization, Literate Nation, which is fueling a nationwide movement for literacy.

Prior to dedicating her skills to science and education, Cinthia enjoyed over 20 years of success in the business community holding senior management and CEO positions. She was a founding team member in Southern Pacific Railroad's landmark launch of SPRINT through to its acquisition by GTE seven years later. She next held the position of director of Ford Aerospace's newly formed Starnet Division for four years. Her subsequent ventures were a series of successful mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications industry. Ms. Coletti Haan serves as CEO of Syndacon Corporation and Coletti Investments, LLC. She has authored two books on education, The Power to Act-Transforming Literacy and Education, and Literacy Policy-Ground-breaking Blueprint for State Legislation. Her third book, Blueprint for a Literate Nation-Building a Better America will be published in the first quarter of 2013. She has written and produced a video, Education-Facing the Frightening Facts.

Cinthia serves on the board of directors of several organizations to include: Strategic Educational Research Partnership (SERP/National Academies of Science); California Business for Education Excellence (CBEE/EDResults); Harvard Medical School, Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency (PEAR); The Department of Education Policy and Leadership at SMU; UCSF Neuroscience Initiative, Leadership Council; International Dyslexia Association; and more. Ms. Coletti Haan was one of the top 50 Bay Area's philanthropists for 2012 in Gentry Magazine, a leading publication in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

An advocate in Washington D.C., Ms. Coletti Haan secures federal funding for high quality education and neuroscience research, and assists in education policy reform in several states. She is adamant about American students receiving a world-class education, capable of becoming lifelong learners and competing in the global economy. She actively supports the role data plays in public education transformation efforts, understanding that student, teacher, and school achievement data must be analyzed and compared to make informed decisions that affect students' progress and builds United States human capital.


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