Our Mission in Action

The Coletti Institute & Coletti/Haan Foundation will...

Build the Capacity and Will to advance educational outcomes for the diverse pool of American students, with the understanding that the Output is to ensure literate, career-ready citizens.

  • Empower Change: To ensure equitable literacy and educational outcomes (i.e. a high level of proficiency for all students), we will vet, curate, and disseminate the information and tools needed to empower:
    • Stakeholders (e.g. parents, businesses, communities, educators, policy makers, students) to demand and drive science-based literacy, STEM, and instruction reform
    • Teachers to deploy effective literacy, STEM and educational practices, and technology in their classrooms with skill and fidelity
    • Education leaders to implement across foundational systems (e.g. teacher competency, data systems, organizational supports, technology, leadership, family) the processes and stepping stones needed to initiate and sustain effective learning for all students
  • Inspire Change: To inspire these stakeholders, educators, and leaders to demand, drive, implement, and sustain science-based literacy, STEM, and education reform, we will infuse our messages with the elements of story and will leverage the medium and framework of storytelling as well as the tools of social media to:
    • Impart a sense of urgency around a call to action, a call to unite and transform
    • Connect emotionally with our constituencies and take them on a journey-progressing from where they are to what they must do/know to reach a better place
    • Lend emotional power to data
    • Generate a sense of outrage about the status quo, articulate a powerful vision of a more promising future, provide clear roadmaps and actionable game plans for moving forward, and inspire with success stories
    • Build alliances, community, and strength around a shared vision and campaign