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The Coletti/Haan Foundation

Our mission is to unite scientific research, educational practices, and technology toward the goal of improving educational outcomes for all students to become literate and career ready. We will mobilize practices, programs, and technologies that prove to be highly effective into state school systems, after-school programs, and homes. In so doing, we will provide today's students with the learning skills required for thriving in a dynamic, global 21st century environment.

Our vision is to add new breadth to the fields of school-based leadership, teacher skill and knowledge, and student learning. Through "gold standard" research and innovative technology we will analyze, design and disseminate winning practices, digital classroom technologies, leadership programs, and data systems that target instruction to many different environments and profiles of learning, improving both the strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in all learners-children and adults.

They Serve as Our Actions and Define How We Behave in the World

  • Honesty: The conviction to live our purpose with transparency, embracing our alliance partners and each citizen's success for the good of America's collective human capital.
  • Leadership: The courage to lead and shape a better future through world-class public education and career development with industries.
  • Alliance: The ability to leverage collective genius across organizations and disciplines toward the common goal of America's future.
  • Passion: The commitment of both heart and mind to a nation of lifelong learners contributing their ability and desires to self and to community.
  • Conviction: The pledge to support each other and the goals of Coletti Institute, and to be held accountable for honorable actions.