Mission | Vision | Core Values

The Coletti Institute
for Education and Career Achievement

Our mission is to ensure that the youths of this great nation are prepared for the career and lifelong learning requirements demanded by the dynamic environment of the modern world.

Our vision is to create a broad, cross-disciplinary platform for educational leadership and human capital development that will provide this country with highly accessible, comprehensive resources and strategic initiatives to drive the systemic changes needed for America to remain a rich and powerful nation. Our vision is to sustain the core values, the pillars, and the formulas that guided and enhanced America's successes. In so doing, the precondition is to educate our people up to and beyond the technology of the time for the greatest yield to all of society. An educated populace will lead to the world's best infrastructure of roads, airports, bandwidth, communications, and commerce. It will lead to winning jobs in the global economy and growing jobs at home. It will lead to open immigration policy that attracts the most energetic and intellectually talented immigrants like those who started forty of the of Fortune 500 companies as first or second generation immigrants. It will lead to the best rules and regulations to motivate risk taking and prevent recklessness of industry, investment, and innovation. It will lead to talent in research that pushes the boundaries of technology, chemistry, and physics and leads to invention. It will keep America and her citizens secure and capable of seeking opportunity and achieving dreams.

Core Values:
They Serve as Our Actions and Define How We Behave in the World

  • Honesty: The conviction to live our purpose with transparency, embracing our alliance partners and each citizen's success for the good of America's collective human capital.
  • Leadership: The courage to lead and shape a better future through world-class public education and career development with industries.
  • Alliance: The ability to leverage collective genius across organizations and disciplines toward the common goal of America's future.
  • Passion: The commitment of both heart and mind to a nation of lifelong learners contributing their ability and desires to self and to community.
  • Conviction: The pledge to support each other and the goals of Coletti Institute, and to be held accountable for honorable actions.