Coletti Institute Support Teams

With "best of breed" professionals, The Coletti Institute will work to support the expertise of the team in given areas of disciplines. The institute will function in an entrepreneurial manner, with proven planning, operating, and management techniques that are based on a implicit business model with each of the functional business units providing full support services for the research centers.

Six independently organized business teams will support the three centers. Brief overviews of their support functions are as follows:

Science and Educational Team identifies, utilizes, and supports cross-discipline scholars, projects, clinics, research, educators, school systems, professionals, and universities through fellowships, awards, grants, and programs.

Media and Marketing Team develops multi-channel message distribution whilst providing information and support for discovery, scientific breakthroughs, and programs that are produced by the Institute's expertise through social media, learning platforms, public relations, public service announcements, and alliances with partner programs.

Technology Team works with the researchers, educators, and scientists to bring high-tech capability to users of various learning platforms and models ensuring worldwide, interactive education. It will also serve the operating technological needs of the centers and support teams.

Implementation Team has the global responsibility to utilize implementation science toward the goal of disseminating information and delivering knowledge and programs in public-ready format that can be replicated with results sustainable at an individual and a systemic level. The goal is to relieve the burden on scientists, researchers, and innovators to advance learning.

Fundraising and Grants Team has the responsibility to secure the funding necessary to obtain the goals of the centers and teams.

Administrative Team has the executive responsibility for all business matters germane to running the Institute as well as overseeing all personnel, finance, and legal requirements of all teams and the centers.



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