Phase IV - Improving Human Intelligence

THE COLETTI INSTITUTE in this phase address will address the need for a single-focused research and learning institute of interdisciplinary sciences working in collaboration to advance human intellect. The goal is simple yet groundbreaking. This institute will work as the dynamic nucleus of research focused on the common goal of improving human intelligence.

The Institute will be the new paradigm for uncovering and implementing ground-breaking techniques, practices, platforms, technologies, and adaptations that focus on highlighting and enhancing cognitive strengths while improving and stabilizing cognitive weaknesses. This paradigm provides a universal, human opportunity that enhances and brings to the forefront the best strength and talent of each individual, synergizing cumulative talents for both the individual and collective good.

All human beings are different, born with inherent cognitive assets and difficulties and variances. The goals of the institute will be to (1) improve knowledge acquisition capacity, speed, proficiency, and power in the human intellect, and (2) identify, early on the intrinsic strength of the mind's genetic aptitude, eradicate dysfunctional cognition, and build higher reasoning capacity. To this end, the institute will advance interdisciplinary scientific collaboration and research, combining genetics, neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, computer science/artificial intelligence, neurophysics, environmental science, biology, chemistry, and education sciences. In this manner, we will help to realize promises of acceleration in the learning processes of the human mind and expansion in complete intellect.

Additionally, the institute will (1) serve as a public information clearinghouse for up-to-date information and resources; (2) create widespread knowledge on how the mind works best and with what tools, and design databases that enhance various learning styles; (3) encourage collaboration of science with spirituality and intuition toward understanding human perceptive potencies; (4) provide a greater level of research and educational support through the Coletti Fellow and Coletti Teaching Scholars agendas; and (5) expand experience internationally through translation of informative programs to other cultures.



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