Phase III - THE COLETTI INSTITUTE for Education and Career Achievement

Currently, the foundation is midway through Phase III and on plan. It has established the Coletti Institute for Education and Career Achievement. The primary objective for the institute is that together with our partners we will deliver concrete answers to the issues that plague academic success in United States public school system-issues that prevent our great nation from developing the human capital necessary to compete and excel in the new global economy of the 21st century. The institute's ultimate goal is to guarantee that every student in America becomes fully literate, educated in college or as a skilled worker in a trade, and is capable of becoming a lifelong learner who is able to seek opportunity and find success in the competitive, ever-changing workplace. The institute will support both educator advancement as well as student advancement through elementary, secondary, and tertiary educational systems. The definitive goal is to create adept citizens with aptitude in mathematics, literacy, sciences, innovation, and critical thinking-modern-day citizens able to fuel America's economy, create jobs, and lead the world in knowledge execution.

To this end, in Phase III, the foundation has launched The Coletti Institute for Education and Career Achievement with the goals to (1) assist in all areas of public education to increase elementary, secondary, and tertiary graduation outcomes to prepare America's young adults for career readiness; (2) conduct series of core clinical evaluations on efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge transfer, skill and leadership advancement, and innovative platforms for career expansion and lifelong learning aptitude; (3) create public awareness for the relationship between early literacy, education, and eventual U.S. GDP production; (4) develop a network of strategic partners and alliances to support these goals and unify efforts; (5) award the Coletti Institute Seal of Achievement to those that meet result-driven criteria and publicize the results that are statistically significant, replicable, and systematically sustainable; (6) support web portals for all alliances to compile and disseminate information about Seal of Achievement programs and practices; (7) launch and/or assemble leaders and organizations in scientific, educational, governmental, corporate, institutional, and industrial communities to assist in global education and workforce outreach.


The Changing World

"America's success as world leader is based on a simple fact that it is the 'Knowledge Society.' Much of this knowledge, and subsequent GDP success, was a direct response to the post-World War II education goals offered through the GI Bill. At the time of the war's end, one in eight American citizens worked for the military in different capacities both stateside and abroad. Putting these citizens back to work was a necessity. Through the GI Bill, millions of American received Baccalaureate degrees and beyond-something previous generations had been unable to attain. This jettisoned America's advances as the world leader in numerous disciplines and markets.

Now, the citizens of the United States have seriously slipped in international rankings of college and high school graduation rates and of reading literacy, science literacy, and math literacy among this country's fifteen-year-old students. It is the belief of many that, once again, the United States must place a higher importance on educating its young IF it is to continue as a world leader capable of competing with a global, highly skilled, foreign workforce.

It is time to use science to direct educational knowledge and practice. It is time to determine what works, what doesn't, and what is needed to transform education for the 21st century."

-Cinthia Coletti, Chairman




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