Responsibilities and Passions of the Institute's TEAMS

As well as striving to raise education standards, career achievement, and the economy in America, increasing baccalaureate degrees by ten of millions is necessary to keep up with the demand of industry and the consequences of a growing awareness of the nation's GDP slowdown and the global economy. "World-class education" from birth to retirement is the top priority for the Coletti Institute, and it should be for the nation as well. "Unity, Hope, Innovation, Direction, Science, and Solutions For Literate, Educated Citizens Prepared for 21st-Century Careers" is the institution's motto. To this end we are intensely concerned with (1) closing the achievement gap of our minority populations in U.S. schools; (2) advancing and regulating educational standards across state education systems with the Common Core State Standards Initiative; (3) elevating students who learn differently and enhancing education for those who learn easily; and (4) leading the OECD international achievement standing on student performance scores in reading literacy, science literacy, and math literacy (PISA, TIMSS, and PIRLS) rather than lagging far behind.

These areas, along with mobilizing science-based research findings and conducting science and trials, will be our main focus until all students of the United States become proficient learners and fully-educated critical thinkers. In society today this means possessing the ability to approach information with critical analysis, inference, and synthesis; to communicate and write with accuracy and coherence; and to use insights from information and experience as the basis for informed decisions and creative thought. It means that America will have a citizenry capable of seizing opportunities that lead to a rewarding and fulfilling life. Teaching and lifelong learning are arts, and the public has long abandoned the artists. They must now make their comeback.



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