Executive Summary

THE COLETTI/HAAN FOUNDATION for Children is the culmination of a 10-year effort that completed Phase I, Development, and Phase II, Execution and Mobilization. In these stages, the foundation successfully (1) brought together researchers, scientists, and educators to improve educational outcomes for students with dyslexia and learning disabilities; (2) funded reading and neuroscience research in the fields of learning and brain science; (3) led public and private partnerships to initiate science-based reading instruction in public school systems; (4) supported implementation of multitier system of supports for literacy and language intervention in general education classrooms for children of poverty, English language learners, and students who struggle with reading and writing skills; (5) sponsored data systems, early screening, and student assessments in public school systems; (6) awarded scholarships, sponsorships, and fellowships to students and professors; and (7) established credibility within the landscape of public education, higher education, teacher knowledge and skill advancement, school-based leadership advancement, and student learning strengths and distinctions. The Coletti/Haan Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan corporation.



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