Coletti Institute's 5 Commandments

Education Lessons Learned From the Last Three Decades of Research


Five Commandments for a World-Class Public School System (PSS)

First Commandment:The most critical components for world-class, 21st century student education in the United States are skilled, knowledgeable, and supportive teachers, principals, and school-based leaders.

Second Commandment: Standardized state education policy is the second most critical component in preparing a citizenry that is capable of producing and competing with a global economy. Immensely important are standards in the following areas:

  • Teacher selection, preparation, retention, and advancement
  • Data use to drive individual student instruction and decisions
  • Employment of science-based methodology in all instruction with master instructors to support teacher skills in the proven methods
  • Certifications on Reading Instruction Competence Assessments-Advanced Certification for Teachers of Reading in every Pre-K through third grade classrooms, and Basic Certification for all content area teachers in grades 4-12
  • Common Core Standards across all states
  • Incentive funding and policies backed by leadership
  • Accountability and testing that result in an education system that prepares learners for their futures, not our past
  • Collaboration between high-performing schools and low-performing schools; high-performing teachers and low-performing teachers.

Third Commandment: Students must and can become reading and writing proficient by the third grade. This is the third most critical component, without which important developments-learning academic disciplines in fourth grade and beyond, graduating high school prepared for college in grades 13-20, and becoming a member of a highly skilled workforce or profession that must involve lifelong learning skills are unattainable.

Fourth Commandment: Parental involvement, including continuous information on a child's grade-level progress, awareness of individual areas of academic strength and weakness, and guidance on potential career interest, is a mandated standard.

Fifth Commandment: Technology in every classroom as an indisputable way to better connect students and teachers to knowledge, and support around the world. Techbook standards and FlipClassrooms must become the norm in every classroom.


These are Critical Components Necessary to Achieve Literate, Educated, Career-Ready Young Citizens Capable of Meeting the Lifelong Learning Demands of the 21st Century