When it comes to life events, having a baby is pretty high up there next to weddings and graduation. A little schnookie cherub is on the way, which means choosing a baby name (Ree Drummond loves thinking up baby girl names), baby-proofing the house, and picking out adorable itty-bitty clothes. There is just so dang much to be excited about, so it makes sense to share that delight with family and friends!

Enter: the baby shower.

It's probably the last social gathering new parents will have for a while and the perfect opportunity to share in their joy. Those closest to the family might help plan baby shower games to celebrate the mom-to-be or a cake made from scratch. No matter what though, cute baby shower gifts and cards are in order. Now, as for what to write in a baby shower card? That part might leave anyone a bit stuck. The best new baby wishes can be poignant, heartfelt, full of advice, or just a funny note to alleviate any stress. You can also personalize the card with baby girl wishes or baby boy wishes. Whichever route you choose, know that the parents-to-be will appreciate knowing that their loved ones care. 🤗

General New Baby Wishes

what to write in a baby shower card
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  • Wishing you all of the blessings a new baby brings!
  • Can't wait to meet those tiny little feet!
  • Celebrating you and the sweet little someone who's on the way.
  • This little one is so blessed to have you as a mom!
  • I'm so excited to "shower" your little one with love.
  • Cheers to the many wonder-filled moments that await you.
  • From small beginnings come great things. Congratulations!
  • They don't know it yet, but this little smoosh has the best parents.
  • May God bless you and your precious miracle.
  • Wishing you many nights of bedtime stories and warm cuddles.
  • Your little family is about to get a lot cuter!
  • Wishing you an easy birth, a quick recovery, and a healthy little munchkin.
  • Happiness is coming your way. Now pencil us in for some play dates.
  • Here's to embarking on life's greatest adventure! Enjoy the surprises.
  • It doesn't matter who they are or where they go—all they need is love to grow.
  • A cradle full of wishes for your new baby girl/boy!
  • Little feet make big imprints. Congrats!
  • Your little lovebug definitely won the parent lottery. I can't wait to see your family grow!
  • Mommyhood looks great on you. I know you'll be fantastic.
  • Babies don't come with instruction manuals but know that's half the fun. Best wishes on your adventure!
  • One baby smile is worth 1,000 dirty diapers. You can do this.
  • A miracle from above, a beautiful child to cherish and love.

New Baby Boy Wishes

what to write in a baby shower card
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  • Congrats, and be careful when you change those diapers!
  • Little boys will keep you on your toes. Wishing you all the energy in the world!
  • I can't wait to see the boy he'll become. May your handsome little dude bring you joy and happiness.
  • Here comes a new little boy to fill your hearts with love and joy.
  • The end zone is in sight. Three cheers for the arrival of your future QB!
  • Wishing you strong feet for all of the Legos and toy cars you're about to step on.
  • I hope your little dude is as handsome as his pops!

New Baby Girl Wishes

what to write in a baby shower card
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  • The princess has entered the building! Wishing you warmth and patience.
  • Congrats on your new mini-me!
  • So excited to see the woman your little girl grows up to be. Wishing you the best!
  • May you welcome a healthy little girl who will one day share your shoe size.
  • Congratulations! Just four more and you'll have the spice girls.
  • Wishing you a baby girl as sweet as her mama.
  • A little girl is the only other lady who can make a dad's heart grow.

Funny Baby Shower Messages

what to write in a baby shower card
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  • Congrats on your bundle of poops... I mean, joy!
  • Enjoy every minute of these next few months—it will be your last quiet ones for a while!
  • Congrats on the birth of your tiny Overlord!
  • Congratulations on embarking on the craziest journey two people can go on!
  • Well done on creating a mini version of you two.
  • Hello baby, goodbye sleep. My rate is $20 an hour!
  • A baby makes love stronger, days shorter, savings smaller, and homes happier.
  • Genes so nice, they made them twice!
  • May they inherit your husband's good looks, your brains, and my sense of humor.
  • Get ready to spend a whole lot more time with the in-laws!
  • You can't return them when they break your stuff, but you can always drop them off with us!
  • Enjoy today's shower, it will be your last for a while!
  • Dearest little one, Please sleep through the night and nurse easy. Love, your mom's BFF
  • Remember our wild nights staying up till dawn? That was your training. I know you'll do great!
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