Don't you just love when a kitchen tool serves more than one purpose? Case in point: the French Press! If you're familiar with using a French press to make your morning cup of joe, then you'll be surprised to learn that the go-to coffee maker is just as practical for happy hour, too! And not only that, but it can be used to make one of our favorite summer cocktails here at The Pioneer Woman: sangria!

In a new TikTok video from Ereka Vetrini, the French press is put to good use to whip up a batch of what she calls "Coffee Press Aperol Spritz Sangria." Now, this might not be your typical white sangria recipe, but Vetrini is leaning into the ever popular spritz cocktail craze to make a drink that she says "should be the #DrinkOfTheSummer." But it's not the mash-up of two classic cocktails that caught our eye. Instead, it's the method in which she makes it.

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Vetrini fills up her coffee press with sliced fruits (peaches, oranges, and cherries), then tops them off with Aperol (a bitter Italian liqueur) and Prosecco. After a couple of hours in the fridge, she presses the fruit in the French press and serves it over ice. Why use a French press, you might ask? According to Vetrini, "The press forces the fruit flavors to infuse into the drink quicker." It's pretty genius! 🀩

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Of course, we're not the only ones to take notice. TikTok has been swarming with French press cocktails and it's easy to see why! Just like with pressing coffee grinds into water to create a perfect cup of coffee, you can press fruits or other ingredients with liquor, water, or juices to create a fruit-infused cocktail (or mocktail!). Not only that, but the French press acts as a strainer, too. That's why using a French press is perfect for drinks that require muddling, like a minty mojito, or even hot cocktails, like a cozy hot toddy.

If you never thought to buy a French press or you're just looking for another reason to use it, consider trying out the French press sangria. Cheers!🍹

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