A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Crypto Firms


A persistent repository of data and insight

Explore the connections between individuals and business entities in a single, simple relationship structure to “identify the unseen” while continuously enriching profiles through linking and integrating siloed data. Using our proprietary algorithms, we rely on machine learning and AI, not humans, to provide accurate and hyperscale data and insight.

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Customer value

Insights you can’t get anywhere else

Uncover hidden threats to your business at digital speed

Minimize false positives

Improve alert quality and repurpose your compliance team

Exceed regulatory requirements

Ensure your regional jurisdictions are screening within their perspective AML requirements

Reduce the time & cost spent on remediation

Protect legitimate revenues without slowing down business

Data at a glance











Traditional AML Vendor

Manually compiled data, periodically updated Siloed data sets with limited insights Slow, painful integration via API with low uptime Batch rescreening via spreadsheet upload Individual list-based alerts Limited search functionality Human-curated adverse info from non-reputable sources Hard-coded ruleset which is difficult to change Poor customer service


Automated data generation in constant live state Connected AML risk & corporate data Quick and easy API integration with 99.99% uptime Automated ongoing monitoring with full audit trail Consolidated entity profiles with a single alert Powerful search algorithm configured to risk-based approach AI/ML-powered, scanning 150m reputable media articles per month Easy scenario creation tailored to industry use case Dedicated Customer Success Managers

The data sets that matter

Sanctions and Watchlists

1,000s of global government regulatory and law enforcement watchlists, and over 100 International and National Sanctions lists, monitored in real-time.

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Sanction list product feature

Politically Exposed Persons

Over 20,000 structured government sources are placed on auto-monitoring systems for changes every 30 days.

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Search screening entity

Adverse Media Insights

AI-driven negative news insight aligned to the latest FATF and EU MLD recommendations.

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Corporate Entities

Contextualize relationships between individuals and business entities with Know Your Business (KYB) data

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More customer success stories

74% Decrease in false positives for banking platform

Banking platform improved alert quality by configuring a screening program that was aligned to their risk based approach

80% Improvement in efficiency for crypto brokerage

Crypto brokerage optimized their manual processes and completely automated their onboarding workflow