A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Crypto Firms

A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Digital Banks

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Banks offering digital-first services are redefining how consumers worldwide access and interact with their money. What’s more, this trend toward the digitization of finance shows no signs of slowing. Increased time spent living and working at home during the pandemic spurred many late adopters to embrace digital banking practically overnight. Although traditional financial institutions now recognize the importance of investing in innovative, online solutions, it’s digital banks that customers still associate with fast, convenient access to banking services.

This report was developed based on interviews with our customers in this sector and industry experts. Download it today to explore:

  1. Why digital banks face particular AML headwinds, including limited personnel and the pressure to deliver services in near real time.
  2. What the regulatory landscape for digital banks looks like, including the latest Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guidance and AML compliance requirements around the world.
  3. How to structure, build and grow an AML program from partnerships to expanding into new markets.
  4. Success stories from digital banks who have built AML programs designed to grow with their businesses.

Read the Guide:

Read the Guide:

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