A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Crypto Firms

Adverse Media Insights

Verify High-Risk Clients With Reputable Negative News

Cut through the noise and analyze true adverse media context at scale

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Customer Value

Reduce onboarding cycle time

Tailor your adverse media screening program to your risk-based approach and minimize false positives

Automate ongoing monitoring

Move away from delayed flat file uploads and stay alert to changes in risk status

Eliminate Non-Reputable Noise

Filter only the risk that is relevant to your business and whitelist low-risk clients

Sync with the tools you use

Integrate data feeds, case management systems, and CRMs to match your workflow via industry-leading API integration

Case Management PEP

Machine learning contextual understanding

  • Leverage AI and Natural Language Processing to analyze true adverse media context at scale 
Sanction list product feature

AML/CFT taxonomy aligned to regulatory guidance

  • Easy to justify categories aligned to the latest FATF and EU MLD recommendations

Structured profiles continuously updated

  • Screen against a database of entity and individual profiles, not endless articles 
Search screening entity

Source list curated by fincrime experts

  • Ensuring only reliable media informs the identification of adverse entities.


  • Contextual understanding
  • AML/CFT taxonomy 
  • Live structured profiles
  • Entity-based alerts
  • Secondary identifiers
  • Native language media
  • Curated source list
  • Alert management web portal
  • REST API integration